Breaking the deep sea paywall

Though the deep sea (>1800m) is one of the most important ecosystems on earth, playing vital roles in the marine food chain and harbouring a wealth of resources. Having a look costs multiple millions in equipment and tens of thousands a day. It is high time for a more affordable solution.

Embracing the pressure

Fully pressure compensated systems have the same pressure on the inside as on the outside, requiring no expensive pressure hulls, and smaller buoyancy compensation. This makes them perfect for low-cost miniature deepwater exploration robots.

The deep sea, untethered

Current exploration systems require a lot of handholding over remote control, and drag around a kilometers-long pricey tether. Using the latest developments in autonomy, this can be avoided.

The next small thing

A miniaturised system eradicates the need for big expensive ships with big expensive crews. This reduces the operating costs by more than an order of magnitude.

A wave of insights

Discoveries are out there, waiting to be made. Imagine what we could learn if anyone had access to them. Want to help?

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