Our goal

What does it mean to make the deep sea accessible? Right now, doing research in the deep sea requires deep pockets: gathering the right experts, chartering a research vessel, and leasing or buying robots all make research very complex and expensive.

We believe that better technology can change this. Most deep sea research uses the robot equivalent of a Pagani supercar, we want to also give researchers the option of something like a Volkswagen Golf. Not as flashy, but it gets the job done. There are many measurements which don’t need supercars but reliable and affordable do-it-all machines that bring back the focus to the research itself, not the equipment. This way, budgets can be spent more effectively, while more research can take place.

Our first step is to bring down the price of the core technology required to reach the deep sea and prove that it can be used to deploy research equipment by bringing back images. Concretely put, we want to:

“Prove that miniaturised autonomous robots can gather footage from the deep sea.”


A wave of insights

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