Lowering the threshold

Doing research in the deep sea requires deep pockets: gathering the right experts, chartering a research vessel, and leasing or buying robots all make research expensive as well as complex. We believe that better technology can change this.

One of our demonstrators we built is a low cost sensor platform; the LOBSTER Scout. Where most deep sea research employs the robot equivalent of a Pagani supercar, we give researchers the option of something like a Volkswagen Golf. Reliable, simple and most importantly: it gets the job done. LOBSTER Robotics brings back the focus to the research itself, not the equipment.

“LOBSTER is an autonomous, low-cost, miniaturized deep sea robot which is able to capture and retrieve footage from the depths of the oceans.”


Since we started with designing a smaller, smarter and cheaper deep sea exploration robot we’ve had many different models and prototypes, each of them being a representative of getting a step closer to a stronger design.

We’re now working with the LOBSTER Scout, our modular data-gathering platform, which gives us the opportunity to be flexible in different aspects of the design and be open to different applications.

Come build the future

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